Bolton Skate Park Entrance Moved

I’m happy to tell you that Bolton Council have finally moved the entrance to the town centre skate park. This means skaters can skate without worrying about pedestrians walking through the park; which was a big problem in the past.

The skate park is between Great Moor Street and the Morrisons supermarket. Consequently, pedestrians used to walk through the park rather than around it; which shaved about 10-20 seconds off their walk at the cost of risking injury and getting in the way of skaters.

I’ve been calling for this entrance to be moved for years and I’ve been rebuffed time & time again, with excuses that were, quite frankly, unacceptable. I’m glad the Council have finally listened to what I’ve been saying and the entrance has been moved to the side of the skate park; which removes the temptation for pedestrians to walk through the park.

This is just another example of how persistence pays off.