Milkshake Attacks Are Never Justified

There’s a rot at the centre of politics right now; and the rot is growing. We’ve seen for years that the Left have been actively engaging in vile abuse of anyone they deem lesser than they are; either in terms of some arbitrary decision that someone is “right wing”, or because they’ve decided that a person is a fascist/extremist/hatemonger (or all of the above at the same time).

We’ve seen this in the form of pig mask “demonstrations” at the Conservative Party Conference (I put “demonstrations” in quotes because what it actually was was a siege that caused the Conference building doors to be locked at one point at CPC Manchester a few years ago). We’ve seen this in the form of “demonstrations” (again, blockades rather than actual demonstrations) whenever someone the Left doesn’t like has a rally or is going somewhere to speak.

We’ve seen in in the form of the Labour Party Shadow Chancellor calling for Conservative MP Esther McVey to be lynched; and calling for “direct action” against Conservatives. I think we all know what “direct action” means, don’t we?

I want to be in a situation where no Tory MP, no Tory MP, no coalition minister, can travel anywhere in the country, or show their face anywhere in public, without being challenged, without direct action.

John McDonnell, the Labour Shadow Chancellor

Well he’s got what he wanted, hasn’t he? As usual, it’s not limited to Conservative MPs – because this kind of vile hate is never limited to one group; it always expands. The Left’s rage machine has no limiter fitted, it always goes wide of the mark.

So now we have politicians and political activists being attacked in the street; and the Left are loving it. They think it’s funny. They think they’re sending a message. They are – but it’s not the message they think they’re sending. They think they’re saying “you can’t say that ’round here. You can’t come here preaching your hate, we’ll stop you.” That’s not the message that’s being heard, though. The message that’s being passed on is “you can’t say what we don’t like, or we’ll hurt you”.

And the extremists are listening.

Last night, a Conservative Councillor’s house was petrol bombed.

Today, a business in Greater Manchester advocated attacking your political opponents with bricks to the head.

Apparently advocating violence against those who don’t agree with you is good for business in the 21st Century.

Note that they used the “fascists” line, too; because “fascist” has lost all meaning now. It’s the go-to phrase the Left use for whoever doesn’t agree with them. This is a boy who cried wolf situation; when everyone is called a fascist, nobody listens to the warnings when the real fascists come back. If everyone’s a fascist, nobody is any more.

But these people who are cheering on political violence should be careful, because the purity tests always change – sometimes without warning. You might be seen as acceptable to your Leftie peers right now but it’s only a matter of time before the trends change and suddenly you’re not “pure” any more. Suddenly you’re on the wrong side. Suddenly they’re coming for you.

So let’s stop this stupidity before the inevitable happens; and get back to treating each other with dignity and respect. It’s not too late, yet.