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  1. Hi Zoe. I’ve just come across your new look site- it’s looking really good. Keep ‘All Over the House’ coming (not to mention Nob T. Mouse)!

  2. Hi Zoe, I came across your videos, purely by accident, whilst searching for inspiration on you tube.

    Your vlogs are now required viewing at night, as I am not a fan of watching the tv at night. Just wanted to say keep up the good work


  3. Hi there, I came across your YouTube channel when searching for Robert W. Chambers, then watched some of your other video’s, and then stumbled on to your website. I thought your YouTube channel is interesting and you are really well spoken. Then again, you are a writer of course, and apparently you’re active in politics too, so…. 😛 I’m just saying I thought your videos on defamation and the media were good pieces.

    Just a question. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this in an offensive way, but what are your thoughts on the conservative party and why are you leaning towards that ‘branch’ so to speak? I have to admit I am not from the United Kingdom, so maybe I just don’t know your political landscape well enough, but I hope I am not the only one (if I am I will feel really stupid) whose first thought was: hmm, someone who is active on LGBT issues, and also a conservative activist… that’s interesting. I’m not saying it’s weird, like I said, I just don’t know your political landscape well enough. All I know is that wouldn’t be very likely where I am from (the Netherlands), although I am not saying that’s a better situation. Then again maybe we don’t really have one party that is directly comparable to your conservative party.


    1. Hello and thank you for the kind words. 🙂

      To answer your question, I’m a Conservative because I believe in the strong economic policies of the Conservative Party, their stance on social values (it’s worth noting that it was the Conservatives who put equal marriage in their manifesto, and who delivered on that manifesto pledge) and their views on a great many areas (defence, home affairs, crime and policing, etc). There are a great number of Conservatives who are LGBT (we have the largest number of elected LGBT people out of all the major UK parties, as I recall) and the idea that the Conservatives are anti-LGBT is very much an untrue one.

      I think a lot of what people these days see as being “conservative” comes from how the Americans use the term – their “conservatives” would be our “far right wing” in many ways. The Conservative Party doesn’t really fit the American “conservative” world view (the Republicans, their “conservatives”, are closer to our Ukip on a great number of issues) so it’s very much a case of “big C” versus “little c” Conservatism.

      Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by. 😀

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