I first began creating comics as a child, as many cartoonists do. My first comics have long since been lost and it’s difficult to remember what a lot of them were about but I do recall one in particular being about the livs of the various characters from computer games when the games were not being played. Given the vast amount of stories with that theme these days, it’s a concept that a lot of people enjoy.

My first ongoing comic, The Life of Nob T. Mouse, was the first web comic from the UK. At the time it went online, there were only 16 other comics on the Internet; and I’m happy to say that over half of those were still going strong last time I checked.

The Life of Nob T. Mouse: Thinking Cap

The Life of Nob T. Mouse stars Nob Mouse, a café owner and mayor of a frontier town who just wants to live a quiet life. Sadly, he lives in a world beset by weirdos, monsters and villains intent on taking over the universe, so he’s constantly forced to deal with all kinds of zany situations. It’s a fun comic that I write to be suitable for all ages.

My second comic, All Over the House, was originally created as a newspaper comic for syndication but instead became an ongoing web comic. It’s a political satire mixed with sitcom and given its humble roots, I’m forever glad that it’s found an audience that really loves it.

All Over the House: Preparation

All Over the House has been my most successful comic project by quite a large margin. The mixture of satire with situation comedy has proved very popular with readers.

The third comic I started, Ink Proof Cannon, came about because I had a lot of ideas for a number of projects and nowhere to put them. The stories didn’t fit into either the Nob Mouse or All Over The House comics but I felt they were too good to just discard, so I began an anthology web comic to host them all.

Ink Proof Cannon is a mature-readers comic because of the more violent themes in some of the stories. It’s also a comic that I can only update as and when I have the time to do it, as the full-page comics it runs take a lot of time to put together.

Ink Proof Cannon: Dudes With Swords, part 1