I have written a number of white papers, policy discussions and other literature during my career. Those documents that are available online are linked to below.

A Second Life writer's nook
If my writing space were this neat, it would mean I wasn’t actually working.

I’ve been writing since childhood, it’s a passion of mine. Over the years I’ve turned my hand to everything from games journalism and magazine editing to DIY articles and introductions to law. A lot of what I write these days is available online, and I’ve linked the various sites below.

  • The Life of Nob T. Mouse, where I write the “anecdotes” of the site’s “creator”, Hubert Schlongsson. These are highly surreal.
  • How ‘N About, where I write a large number of articles on a variety of topics, from law to music to DIY.

In addition to online writing, I’ve written an urban fantasy novella, Unholy Crusade, and several short stories. I’m currently working on a number of longer projects, including novels. Several of my short stories are available for you to read online, and I’ve linked them below.