Michael Gove’s Brilliant Confidence Motion Speech

The Government has won the vote of confidence in the Commons tonight; as we all knew it would. This was inevitable – we all knew Corbyn didn’t actually want the Government to fail, because that might lead to a General Election.

Corbyn doesn’t want an election, that’s obvious to everyone who is paying attention. If he has an election now, rather than after Brexit, then he would have to clarify what his position on Brexit actually is.

That’s not all that’s wrong with Corbyn, though. We all know he’s eager to keep playing both sides in order to hold together what support he has. It’s the other stuff that makes him truly awful. Let’s let Michael Gove list those awful traits of Corbyn, in one of the best Parliamentary speeches I’ve seen in a long time.

Michael Gove’s speech in today’s confidence vote debate was brilliant. He’s a first class Parliamentarian and one of the best Ministers around.