£12 Million to redevelop our towns

Today, the Council announced that £12million of the £100million development fund for Bolton town centre will be split across the other towns in our borough, including Westhoughton.

Cllrs Christine Wild, Martyn Cox and Zoë Kirk-Robinson with Chris Green MP.
Your local Conservatives, hard at work in Westhoughton.

We Conservatives are delighted that the Labour Group are now adopting Conservative policies to invest in other towns in the borough rather than only looking at Bolton. The Conservatives welcome increased funding in Westhoughton, funding that our town will benefit from immensely.

We will, of course, look to participate fully in preparing the Westhoughton masterplan required for this funding; with a view to ensuring all parts of Westhoughton benefit equally.

I have called for a Bolton-wide plan for housing and development, which Labour refused in October, but I hope this is an indication that they are finally listening to what the people need.

Next week, we have our next full meeting of the Council. At this meeting I will again propose a Bolton-wide housing plan; one that will deliver on our commitment to a Brown Field Sites First policy, and which will protect Westhoughton – and the wider Bolton family – from unscrupulous overdevelopment on our green belt while we wait for the Spatial Framework to come into effect.

I hope the Council supports this motion, and I will keep you informed about its progress.