Coronation Jokes with Tea and Cake

Zoë and Jenny discuss the Coronation of King Charles III, review James Petts’ Tea and Cake game. Plus, some new retro game pickups for the PlayStation 2 collection!

I’ve had a few people ask what gear I use to make my vlogs, and other videos, so I thought I’d list it all here:

  • Main camera: Canon EOS 700D
  • Small camera: Panasonic HX-A1 (no longer produced – check eBay if you want one)
  • Smartphone: iPhone 6S Plus (Yes, really. It still works, so why change?)
  • Microphone: Movo VXR280 Condenser Stereo Mic
  • Editing software: iMovie (seriously, it’s good enough for most jobs) and Movavi 2020