Improving Traffic Flow on the A6 to M61

As I write this, I have just left a briefing to Councillors by the Highways Department. A wide range of changes were discussed across the borough but the ones of particular interest to me, and likely also to you, were the plans to alter the roads and signals at the M61 and A6.

These plans involve changes to the road layouts and traffic signals. Proposals discussed included extending the dual lane system to improve traffic flow; re-working the timings on the lights; and a new set of lights near the M61 junction.

These plans will see traffic flow far better and remove the backlog that brings the A6 to a standstill. What is also good news is that the plans take into account all the housing developments that have been allowed to be built in Westhoughton despite my continued battles against them; and they also take into account the traffic that could be generated by the extension to the Wingates Industrial Estate. This extension has not been approved by the Planning Committee and I intend to fight it tooth and nail; but the Highways Department have included it for traffic flow purposes “as a worst case scenario” (their words).

The plans are still subject to Planning Committee approval but they could be completed within the next 3 years, if approval is given. They are designed to cope with the huge increases in traffic caused by all the reckless house building developers have foisted on us over the last few years and the measurements they showed us do seem to do just that.

These changes will make a huge difference to people in Westhoughton who have to navigate these roads on a daily basis. I think they will do well for Westhoughton and I look forward to seeing them implemented.