Making Westhoughton Safe for Cyclists and Pedestrians

‪Just back from a very interesting meeting about making cycling and walking safer in Westhoughton. There’s a project in Greater Manchester called The Bee Network; a project from Transport for Greater Manchester through the Made to Move scheme.

Cllr Zoë Kirk-Robinson and Cllr Christine Wild, on their way to a meeting about the Bee Network making Westhoughton's roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
Cllr Wild and I on our way to the meeting.

The idea, which I support, is to plan redevelopment of roads and pavements throughout Greater Manchester; with a view to making the roads safer for people to get around by foot or by bike. There’s funding available for this and the potential to reduce the number of cars on our oversaturated roads is huge.

It’s not going to happen overnight. There’s a lot of work to follow on from today’s meeting, as you would expect, but I think there’s a bright future in it that would lighten the burden on our roads while making people healthier.

It’s a win-win!‬