Wingates Park swept

Earlier this month my colleagues (Cllrs Christine Wild and Martyn Cox) and I were out discussing a number of issues with Wingates residents. One of the issues that kept coming up was the problem of the grass in Wingates Park.

The grass is cut regularly, which is excellent, but it is left behind on the floor rather than being swept up and collected. As a result, the cut grass rots and becomes a slip hazard. I firmly believe this is unacceptable, especially when the dark nights are coming in (and Wingates Park has no street lighting at the moment, although I am working on remedying that). So I asked for the park to be swept to make it safe.

I am delighted to say that Cllr Wild and I visited the park today and saw the paths have indeed now been swept.

Holden Lea road has also been swept and is looking lovely.

That’s just another way your local Conservatives are working for you, all year ‘round.