The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework – My Consultation Response

The deadline for submitting to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework consultation is 11:59PM on Monday 16 January. I know a lot of you have already submitted your views on the matter but if you haven’t, there is still time. The email address to use is There won’t be enough time now to submit anything by post, although if you want to hand-deliver it on Monday¬†then that’s still a possibility.

I have already submitted my own views in the form of a 4-page summary of all the problems the GMSF will cause for Westhoughton and Chew Moor. If you are interested in reading that, I have attached a copy to this post for you to download. It’s in PDF format, for maximum readability.

It’s really important that you put your view in, as the more people who complain the better. We have a greater chance of getting our views heard and making the changes to this framework that Westhoughton, and Greater Manchester as a whole, desperately needs if we all band together and make our opposition felt.

Thank you.