Getting to work in Westhoughton

So after taking the weekend to recover from the six month election campaign, I started my work as a Councillor for Westhoughton North and Chew Moor today by visiting Greensbridge Gardens to investigate reports of a problem with local drug dealers using the area to deal drugs.

A leafy path in Greensbridge Gardens, Westhoughton
A leafy path in Greensbridge Gardens, Westhoughton

Greensbridge Gardens isn’t the kind of place you would immediately associate with a drug problem – the place looks nice, rather than looking like it could be used as a set for a postapocalyptic film without much redressing. Still,¬†that’s probably the reason it’s been targeted – there is less likelihood that police are actively watching nice neighbourhoods for signs of wrongdoing.

While I was there, I didn’t spot any sign of a problem but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one, of course. I have also¬†contacted the local police community support officers to ask what action is being taken to tackle the problem. Drugs are not something that can be tolerated in any community and I would like to see this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

I will continue to monitor the situation and work with local police to make sure the problem is sorted out. When I know more, I will make sure residents in the area – and anyone who reads this blog – know more, too.