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All the Tweets in the World Won’t #stopkony

Let’s talk about Joseph Kony, the reigning hide-and seek champion since 1987. This guy beats out even Osama Bin Laden. When it comes to not being captured, there’s only the Road Runner ahead of Kony.

So I’ve been hearing a lot of wailing on the Internet over the last day or so about Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army. He’s someone who was on the news a lot for a few weeks back when I was a child and to be honest, I was shocked to find he was still around. I shouldn’t have been, of course, because that’s how the media works – you’re big one minute, then you’re still being a bastard but now nobody is watching. You’ve got to be an ever-increasing prick to really hold on to the media spotlight these days.

There has also been a huge backlash against the Invisible Children video that started this latest furore. Apparently Invisible Children are only rated two stars by Charity Navigator for their financial accountability, with a three-star overall rating. If this is suddenly bad, why isn’t more being said about Breast Cancer Research, who also get a three-star rating (although to be fair they do have a give-star rating overall).

So what is the #stopkony movement supposed to achieve? In essence, it appears to be about raising awareness more than anything. This over-used term is really starting to grate because it gives slackers an excuse to point at the news when something good happens and say “i did that. I helped that happen” when all they did was click a mouse button. Raising awareness is not enough. Showing your support for a movement by clicking “Like” on Facebook or sending out a Tweet is not enough.

Kony is a crazy highschool dropout who lives in a forest and kidnaps little girls to be sex slaves. Do you really think he cares what some guy on the Internet thinks of him? Of course not.

So stop firing off those damn “#kony2012” messages and think about what you can do to actually help. How about going out and signing up with one of the aid organisations that helps the people Kony is destroying?

You don’t actually have to go out to Uganda if that’s a bit far, you can help fundraise in your local area. If that’s not enough for you, if you’d like to do more than just rattle a collection tin on the street, then why not give some time and effort by actually going out to the countries where Kony’s army are plaguing the land. Help rebuild communities, help save lives, help do something other than sit on your arse and tweet.

Or, if you want to go full force into dealing with this bastard, get down to your local military office and sign up. Join the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines. Hell, join NASA and throw rocks at the guy from space if you have to. Just do something rather than adding to the static on the Internet because I’ll tell you this: right now, all those messages about “#stopkony” are drowning out the real conversation.

If you’re doing nothing but tweeting, you’re not part of the solution. You’re part of the problem. Go out and actually make a difference.

Oh, and before anyone asks what I’m doing, except for making this video of course. It’s simple. I applied to join the RAF last week. Unfortunately there were no vacancies in the areas I’m qualified for and I certainly can’t fly ‘planes thanks to my spectacles but I’ll continue to apply when vacancies arise. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and I hope you will too.