Driver Feedback Sign at Chew Moor Lane

You at recall the work my Conservative colleagues and I have been doing to tackle the problem of speeding in Chew Moor. We have secured funding to place a Driver Feedback sign (the signs that show how fast you are going) on Chew Moor Lane, on the Northbound side of the road that leads into Chew Moor Village.

Originally this sign was to be placed near the motorway bridge but the Highways Department tells me this is not possible, so we have agreed to move the sign a little further away from the bridge.

Cllr Christine Wild and Cllr Zoë Kirk-Robinson at Chew Moor Lane, near to where the new feedback sign will be placed.

The sign will now be placed just before the junction with Corner Brook. This junction is also due to receive “keep clear” markings; which will make it easier for residents to get in and out of their street at rush hour.

The new sign will help reduce speed on Chew Moor Lane, which will in turn reduce the speed of drivers heading into Chew Moor Village. We have seen excellent results from the use of a feedback sign on Hunger Hill, where drivers routinely speeded before the sign was introduced.

This isn’t the only method we are planning to curb speeding in Chew Moor but it will be a big help.

That’s your local Conservatives, has at work for you all year ‘round.