Credit Card Knives Need To Be Banned

I’m not generally someone who is in favour of banning things, I prefer to let the markets speak and let items live or die based on whether people want to buy them. That view has limits however, and public safety is one of those limits.

This video of a credit card knife is doing the ’rounds on the Westhoughton community groups on Facebook and you need to see it.

When I first saw one of these things in a Co-op (not the exact one being shown in the video but one very similar in size and shape), I couldn’t believe my eyes. There is no excuse for carrying a concealed blade and you don’t get much more concealed than this.

These hidden blades are stupidly cheap to buy online; which makes them a perfect choice for the thug on a budget.

I’ve written to the Home Secretary to ask for these and similar concealed “credit card” blades to be looked into with a view to removing them from sale as quickly as possible.

Be on the lookout and stay safe.