We Knew What We Were Doing

Today’s Bolton News carried a shocking headline from staunch Remainer Sir David Crausby, the Labour MP for Bolton North East who once wrote to me to say he could not support same sex marriage because it was a “controversial” issue (although he was fine with supporting ID cards).

Photograph of the front page of The Bolton News, showing a photograph of Sir David Crausby beside a quote from him reading 'Nobody Knew What They Were Doing'.
We did know what we were doing, Sir David. We were voting to Leave the EU.

Sir David claims in this article that “nobody knew what they were doing” when it comes to voting for Brexit. If “nobody” knew what they were doing, that’s must include the Remain camp. To be fair, I can absolutely believe that Remain didn’t know what they were doing because if they had, they wouldn’t have chosen the campaign they went with.

I campaigned for Leave. I voted Leave. I knew I wanted to Leave. I absolutely knew what I was doing.

I don’t need Sir David to tell me what I was thinking or whether I knew what I was doing and I don’t believe you need him to tell you either.