The Roland Series – Amstrad CPC – GameHammer 30

Mock-up cover for the final Roland game, Roland Takes A Running Jump.

The Spectrum had Horace, Nintendo had Mario and Sega would soon have Alex Kidd so, naturally, Amstrad needed a mascot for its own CPC line of computers. Step forward Roland, who would star in nine games over a three-year period. Are they any good? Let’s take a look and find out!

Keen-eyed viewers will note that Roland Takes A Running Jump has an Amsoft cover in this video but no cover was officially released since it’s a type-in game from Amstrad’s official CPC magazine, Amstrad Computer User. I created the cover using a recoloured Roland In Space inlay and the sketch accompanying the type-in from the magazine. Feel free to re-use this mock-up cover if you want to.