Announcements lead to failure

I sometimes think announcing things is like giving them a death sentence. Practically the moment I had written my last post about deciding to continue blogging daily, I fell ill with the worst flu’-like cold I’ve had in years. It’s floored me for the past several days. It’s ridiculous! Add to this the fact that a long-term project I had been working on with friends collapsed the moment I mentioned we were working on it. The final topping to this monument of failure is the fact that a second project I’d been working on with friends also collapsed the moment two of us mentioned it in a video. Clearly there is something to be learned here: don’t announce anything.

So from now on I’m going to try to keep projects close to my chest until they are finished; so as to avoid this problem in the future. Does that count as an announcement? I hope not, I really want future projects to work out! Announcements lead to failure and if there’s one thing I hate above all else, it’s failing at something I’ve set out to achieve.

The last few days have been harsh. I don’t like to be cooped up in the house, recuperating and feeling like my lungs are full of glue; which is pretty much the best way of describing the illness that’s had me in its vice-like grip for several days. Thankfully the worst of it seems to have passed now but I can’t be certain it’s all gone until I feel able to walk into town without getting out of breath. I need to feel better – I have election campaigns to fight here and all this being laid up isn’t helping that! Yes I have my priorities perfectly straight, why do you ask?

If there’s one thing I did manage to achieve while I’ve been ill, it’s that I’ve watched a load of DVDs; which means I’m in a good position to write some FilmHammer scripts. That’s the name of the new film review series I’ll be doing later this year; alternating it with The Monday Book Club on one of my YouTube channels. Two of the scripts are fully drafted, with a third one partially drafted, so everything is going well on that front. It’s going to be between 6 and 8 episodes, I’ve yet to decide on the full length of the series. Suffice to say it’s coming together rather nicely and I’m happy with what I’ve put together so far (although each of the scripts will need at least two more re-writes before I’m satisfied it’s ready to film).

Oh and before you ask, that doesn’t count as an announcement because I already mentioned it in a previous blog post. The new goal is not broken!!