Snap General Election

As days go, checking the news while the kettle boils only to find that all your plans have been superseded by the Prime Minister is not the day I expected to be having. Nevertheless, that’s what happened today – I got the news of the General Election while brewing a mug of tea; as I’m sure a fair amount of us did. I guess what I’m doing for the next few months is campaigning, then!

This is probably the best move for the country right now, all things considered. The Prime Minister can bat aside the constant leftist whining about how she’s “unelected” (even though that’s not a claim anyone can legitimately make since you don’t elect the Prime Minister). She can cull Sturgeon’s constant demands for another referendum in Scotland (since all the polls suggest the SNP will lose quite badly when we go to the country in June). She can deal with the problem of Labour (by essentially forcing Labour to sort itself out quickly). She can┬ábolster her majority and ensure she has enough support to see off any dissent from the anti-Brexit crowd that are still determined to subvert the will of the people.

It’s a good move. I can’t fault it.

Here’s to the campaign trail!