They see me rollin’, I’m hurtin’

With the heatwave at the moment, I’ve been less than enthused about going out in the sun; which doesn’t do my fitness regime any good. Still, when you have an illness that gives you that annoying, vampire-like quality of getting ill from sunlight, avoiding the giant death sphere in the sky is probably for the best. It still sucks though.

So I’ve been using the Wii Fit to keep my regime going. It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing. I’ve also been annoying my lovely wife by taking over the lounge to practice shoulder rolls; which are an important part of Parkour. I’m not good at shoulder rolls, they are my weakest skill by far. I keep hitting my hip or shoulder, because my coordination sucks.

There are some good tutorial videos on how to shoulder roll, the following being one of them. I’ve studied them and I know what I’m doing wrong, I’ve just not managed to stop doing it wrong yet. They say knowing is half the battle but if that’s true, it’s the easy half. Doing it is the hard part!

One thing to remember in weather like this is that you can’t train as hard as you otherwise would, or you’ll make yourself ill. This is doubly true if, like me, you have a chronic illness. Remember to pace yourself. It’s better to take things easy today and still be able to practice tomorrow, rather than go at it headlong today and have to take the rest of the week off because you’ve made yourself unwell.

Take it easy, enjoy yourself and have fun. That’s what it’s all about.