The Sega Show

The Sega Show is a series of documentaries charting the life of the SEGA range of arcade games, consoles and their ill-fated attempt to enter the home computer market (yeah, bet you forgot about that one!). If you’re a fan of Sega, this is the show for you.

Beginning with the company’s founding in 1940, the show will chart one a period in the life of Sega; with the final episodes are planned to round off in the early 2000s with the cancellation of the Dreamcast, plus a couple of extra episodes that take look at what Sega has been doing since then.

The Sega Show is planned to launch late in 2018 and is expected to run for around 5 years, with episodes coming out once every two weeks; alternating with episodes of the Amstrad CPC show CPCine.

All episodes will be made available for free on YouTube (or whatever comes after YouTube by the time the show is reaching its end). You will also be able to watch the show from this page, on a playlist.