CPCine: The Amstrad CPC Video Magazine

CPCine, The Amstrad CPC Video Magazine, is a series of documentaries charting the life of the Amstrad CPC range of computers. If you’re a fan of the Amstrad CPC, this is the show for you.

Beginning with June 1984 and the launch of the Amstrad CPC 464 in stores, the show charts one month in the life of the CPC range; with the final episode planned to round off in 1995 with the end of the Plus range’s life and everything that has happened to the Amstrad community after that.

CPCine launched in February 2018 after spending a year in development. The show has a production schedule of one episode every two weeks, with an expected lifespan of just over 5 years based on that schedule.

All episodes will be made available for free on YouTube (or whatever comes after YouTube by the time the show is reaching its end). You can also watch the show from the playlist, below.