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Unexpected boost

A couple of days ago, Jenny pointed out a sudden and rather dramatic boost on traffic heading to All over the house. Now I explain where it came from. Read More →


Hello again! Some time ago, I can’t remember when exactly but it was many years ago now, I decided to get into vlogging. It never really happened on account of me having very little time (I was working two jobs back then) to record but I always liked the idea and, earlier this year, I decided to give it a try. I posted the latest Read More →

Laying the foundations

Today has mainly been a day of setting-up.  I’ve got my resolutions and I need to have the foundations for them laid out so I can accomplish them in a timely and fantastic fashion; because otherwise it’s just not cricket.  To this end I have just redesigned the Building Tales website to make the stories clearer to read and the page as a whole a Read More →