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Second Life

This week has been a bit of a nightmare. I have spent a lot of the time I should have been working trying to sort out a mortgage after the offer in principle Jenny and I had from NatWest was withdrawn, apparently due to the time Jenny was unable to work due to a disability. I’m not talking about something strange and esoteric here however, the disability she has is quite common. There really is no excuse for it and I am very annoyed. Suffice to say we are taking steps to deal with this problem and that’s all I can really say about it.

Nevertheless I am determined to hit my weekly earnings target even if it means sacrificing yet another weekend to do it. I should have been on course to have my comics running Monday to Friday, the Webcomics Builder running Monday to Friday and everything else ticking over nicely. Should have, but no. I’ve had to spend hour after hour sorting out the mortgage. Still, it looks like we may be on track again now so fingers crossed for that.

Now I just have to get my writing work done and my law studies done too. I’m falling behind on the law course and that’s not a good thing because there is an assignment due on the 6th of April and I really need to get that dealt with. Still, I’m pretty good when it comes to speed reading and I pick things up very quickly so I’m not worried at this point; just annoyed that I have to work harder now because of this problem with the mortgage eating into my time.

With luck and a trailing wind, I’ll have the comics, the blogs and my freelance writing career back on track by Monday.

A screenshot of April Kohl working on a virtual reality Amstrad CPC computer

This is me in Second Life, where I go by the name April Kohl.

In other news, I have been venturing into Second Life again. It is the first time in about three months because I just haven’t been able to give it the time it needs. I can usually be found hanging out with the Milk Wood group of writers, most notably Virtual Writers Inc. These guys are incredibly creative writers who come together in Second Life to discuss writing, share their latest works in book and poetry readings and generally be awesome together. If you are in Second Life, or even if you are just visiting, then be sure to check them out.

Also, if you are in Second Life, be sure to stop by my house. It’s where I tend to hang out when I’m not at a writer’s meeting or exploring the virtual world in my TARDIS (yes I am a colossal Doctor Who nerd. The TARDIS has a Tom Baker era console room but I’m using a Matt Smith era outer shell – I love to mix things up and keep people guessing). If I’m not there, feel free to have a look around or even leave me a note in the post box.

Why am I back in Second Life after three months, you may ask? Well it’s simple. Fesworks mentioned possibly putting together a new podcast for Second Life as part of his expansion of The Webcomic Beacon into a podcast network and that got me thinking. I’ve sent him a message saying I’d be interested in getting involved with a podcast like that if it goes ahead. In fact, if it doesn’t go ahead I may put together a podcast of my own because it seems like something that would be fun to do.

Anyway, time’s up here right now. I have lots of writing to get on with and time is relatively short if I want to get back on schedule. See you later!

Quick update

This is a very quick update, which I’m writing on my phone so please excuse any spelling mistakes. Also, please excuse any wrong words because this little monster of a machine will not turn off autocorrect and I’m typing too fast to check it as I go.

I am incredibly busy again this week but that’s okay. I like being busy, it stops me getting bored. I have law to study, comics to draw and writing to catch up on because I did not get it all done yesterday. The perils of having to renegotiate a mortgage at the last minute, I suppose.

Anyway, I’d best get on with actually doing this work rather than talking about it. I’ll leave you with an interesting link however. I thought when I drew the image on the front of the invited to my civil partnership that I had captured the essence of the occasion but it is clear to me that the bar has now been raised. It was the person who drew this zombie-hunting happy couple who raised it.

Still it will all be worth it in the end.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with an interesting link. I designed the logo on my wedding invites and I thought the image suited the occasion perfectly. Nevertheless I have been outdone. Whoever drew this husband and wife as zombie hunters has clearly taken the invite business to a whole new level.