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It’s hard to plod along when you’re knee-deep in rain

Sometimes the weather just conspired to make it difficult, even impossible, to get things done. It seems this is what is happening with the driveway we are having added to the house. The work is now in its third month when it should take, at most, a week to lay a drive of this size and put in bracing walls on either side of it, Read More →

Sometimes it just comes to you

Sometimes things just come to me and I have to get them down on paper right there and then. It’s the reason I carry around both a lined notepad and a sketchbook in my handbag. Read More →


I’ve been doodling while taking revision breaks, as well as going back to watch series one of Supernatural (and wishing I had watched it the first time around since it’s so great). I posted a journal entry earlier today and don’t want to do two full entries in a row so I’ll just leave you with a couple of pictures I’ve slapped together during breaks from Read More →