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It’s hard to plod along when you’re knee-deep in rain

Sometimes the weather just conspired to make it difficult, even impossible, to get things done. It seems this is what is happening with the driveway we are having added to the house. The work is now in its third month when it should take, at most, a week to lay a drive of this size and put in bracing walls on either side of it, Read More →

The ideas mill

I struck me earlier today as I was working on comics that the strips I have running right now eat ideas for breakfast. Read More →

The good weather is finally here

It is an amazingly sunny day today with hardly any wind. I’m not keen on days without wind but with lots of sunshine because the heat rises quite rapidly, making me feel sick. Nevertheless, the sunlight in general is very much welcome. It lets me take wonderful photographs like the one to the left. Read More →