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Setting year-long goals

Technical faults that wipe out an entire day’s work are just the thing to get a new year off to a great start. I lost today’s comics and had to re-draw them. It’s an annoyance but if that’s the worst 2014 is going to throw at me, I will thank it for being a good year. Suffice to say, I knuckled down and got on Read More →

My computer setup

Hosting came as something of a surprise

Apparently I am now in the website hosting business. This came as something of a surprise because I had no intentions of going into that market but needs must. Read More →

It’s hard to plod along when you’re knee-deep in rain

Sometimes the weather just conspired to make it difficult, even impossible, to get things done. It seems this is what is happening with the driveway we are having added to the house. The work is now in its third month when it should take, at most, a week to lay a drive of this size and put in bracing walls on either side of it, Read More →