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Perhaps I just have different tastes

Twitter has been ablaze tonight with people hating the latest episode of Sherlock. I didn’t see the episode as it went out – I forgot it was on and watched it on iPlayer instead – so while I tried to avoid spoilers, I did unfortunately go into the viewing expecting disappointment. Suffice to say I enjoyed the episode despite having to turn the volume up Read More →

Setting year-long goals

Technical faults that wipe out an entire day’s work are just the thing to get a new year off to a great start. I lost today’s comics and had to re-draw them. It’s an annoyance but if that’s the worst 2014 is going to throw at me, I will thank it for being a good year. Suffice to say, I knuckled down and got on Read More →

My computer setup

Hosting came as something of a surprise

Apparently I am now in the website hosting business. This came as something of a surprise because I had no intentions of going into that market but needs must. Read More →