Scottish Nationalist burns the Union Flag beside a war memorial. Image via @LordSkipVC

We are Better Together

Today is the last day the United Kingdom as we know it may exist. As I write this, there are five hours left in the Scottish referendum on independence. In five hours time, we will still not know the outcome – so many have registered to vote that I am personally not expecting the final result until at least 1am. We do know one thing Read More →

The dress pic is accompanied by a voiceover saying "Go buy yourself something pretty, Jono."

Are Paddy Power Being Transphobic Again?

The Facebook group created to allow trans* people to discuss the recent Stonewall meeting has continued to see some use this week, with the big controversy being the new advert by Paddy Power. You may recall that Paddy Power has a history of transphobia, so new adverts that even border on the subject of trans people are treated with suspicion. Their latest advert features the Read More →

It's an obligatory message when learning to code, so I thought it would be a nice way to signal a new start in art as well.

Going photoshopping

Well it’s official, I’ve finally upgraded from Photoshop 7 to Photoshop CC. Couldn’t get my old, dependable Photoshop to run on the new iMac system so I’ve been trialling the latest version. It’s amazingly responsive and I have to say I do rather love it. So I’ve plumped for the “Photographer Plan” and got Photoshop CC plus Lightroom 5 on a monthly basis. £7.99 a Read More →