The Raconteur, my planned first film of the year.

The 12 Short Film Challenge

So I finally managed to find the time to put a voiceover onto some footage I recorded of an art exhibition I went to back in November. It wasn’t a long voiceover, maybe six minutes in total, and I really should have managed it back in November but things always seemed to get in the way. I had intended to get it done over Christmas but Read More →

Why are you getting a grainy close-up of my eye? Because Internet racists.

Being An Arse About Diversity

There were a couple of things going on online today that made me want to wade into the murky depths of talking about diversity again. The first was that LGBT Labour were chest-thumping about how great they they they are about diversity. Here’s a reality check: they aren’t that great – as one of their people admitted during the course of the discussion: @darrengrimes_ @tomilo Read More →

We started out as many, but few managed to stay awake to see in the new year.

Here’s hoping 2015 is a good year for you

My computer was covered in grubby finger marks today; not because my two lovely nieces (who are 5 and 6 years old) had been playing Rogue Legacy and Minecraft on it but instead because my mother decided to see if my iMac was touch screen. It’s not. It still wasn’t when she came back and prodded it a few hours later. This is what I have Read More →