No, you may not mine my data and then tell hundreds of strangers if you think I'm unhappy.

Samaritans Radar: Now Abusers Know How Vulnerable You Are

If you’ve been on Twitter over the last few days, you can’t help but have seen the anger and frustration expressed by many people over the launch of Samaritans Radar. This is a new app that sifts Twitter feeds; determines the emotional state of the person who sent the tweets; and then alerts any of the user’s followers who have Samaritans Radar whenever the user Read More →

The title screen of 'Unholy Crusade', the interactive story game based on my 2010 urban fantasy novella.

Not all work, some play (but mostly work)

I’ve essentially had to stop work on the Aglo language, which I have been creating as part of a challenge to construct a new language in 30 days, because work required a lot more of my time than normal. It’s not a problem – the work I do is something I love and will happily devote more time to – but it does mean I’m Read More →

"Aglo" in the Aglo language, written in modern Aglo script.

Constructing a language in 30 days, day 11

We are over a third of the way into this challenge and now things are getting very interesting. Today I have mostly been working on irregular verbs and pronouns, as I promised yesterday and a few days ago, but I want to start by covering the glaring problem that no doubt anybody who has been paying more attention than me so far will already have Read More →