More thefts and police visits

Yesterday, thieves stole from us again. This is getting to be so regular that I’m getting fed up of writing about it. We have building work going on at our house, so 1-ton bags of sand have been required. About half of a ton of sand is missing and yesterday we found who is doing it. He’s a local (because of course he is) and Read More →

The Avengers weren't available, so Iron Man had to improvise.

Comic Con Good, Burglary Bad!

It’s been over a decade since I went to a convention. I’m not the kind who likes to wander around a crowded room with no air conditioning, being blasted by loud noise and generally not knowing what’s going on. It’s even worse these days because loud noises mean I can’t understand what people next to me are saying. So the prospect of going to MCM Read More →

Everything you need for making your own language.

On Inventing Languages

I love languages, they are something of a hobby for me. I have jokingly said to people in the past that I collect languages; which is true in a way. I’ve learned the basics of several, from Romance languages like French, Italian and Latin to Germanic languages like German and Norwegian, plus a few outliers like Welsh, Japanese and Klingon (yes, really – I even bought Read More →