Zoë signing the FOI request this morning

The Lee Hall 300 defence has been weakened unnecessarily

Following the very surprising decision by the planning officials at Bolton Council to request the withdrawal of one of the four strands of our defence in the Lee Hall planning appeal, I wrote this letter to the Bolton News. I believe it explains why my Conservative colleagues and I all voted to retain the strand, so that our defence would be as robust as possible. Read More →

The new trio of Westhoughton North and Chew Moor Councillors

Post election, back to work

The last few months have been a roller coaster of campaigning: delivering leaflets, canvassing, speaking to residents about a number of issues and, of course, fitting in time to deal with those issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s one of the parts of politics that I love so much. Now the election is over, we have a new Councillor in Westhoughton North and Read More →

Fantasy World Dizzy - GameHammer review

Fantasy World Dizzy, a GameHammer Review

I first played Fantasy World Dizzy in early 1990, a few months after it was released and at a time when I still had some Christmas money to fritter away on games. Back then, money was tight and picking up a new game meant an investment of not just time but also very limited resources; so you had to choose wisely. I wouldn’t start buying Amstrad Read More →