When the newspaper becomes the news, that's when you know the world has gone all Meta on you.

When the newspaper becomes the news (Let’s see the transcript)

In the modern world, politics never sleeps and tonight that has proven very true here in the UK. If you’re not up when the morning’s headlines are released, you miss out these days! Today’s scandal is the front page of The Times, which for the longest time has been regarded as the “newspaper of record” for the UK but which appears to be making a Read More →

The new trio of Westhoughton North and Chew Moor Councillors

Lee Hall appeal adjourned

I’m not planning to write a lot about this, given that it is an ongoing process. As Westhoughton residents will already be aware, the developers wishing to build 300 new houses off the Chequerbent Roundabout in Westhoughton have appealed against Bolton Council’s decision to refuse them planning permission. The first day of the appeal hearing was today. The developer’s barrister lodged a request to adjourn the Read More →

Yes, this is literally the whole extent of the writing system so far.

Creating a logographic writing system

Now that the local elections and the European referendum are out of the way, things are starting to settle down again and I have time to get back to my non-Council related, non-comic related work. To that end, I am back writing my novels; one of which is set in the Sol Invictus sci-fi setting I’ve been creating for the past few years. In Sol Read More →