Private Eye's 'Guess Who's Trans' "joke"

Why Private Eye’s ‘Guess Who’s Trans’ “Joke” Is Wrong

I’m a long-time reader of Private Eye. I’ve always loved the way it stands by its hard, prying investigative journalism and its refusal to back down in the face of overwhelming force & lawyers. Back in the 90s, when I was a teenager, I remember it was practically on its own in its reporting of the rampant corruption in Durham Council (at times it seemed Read More →

Generation X should take a seat

It takes a certain level of complete lack of empathy to sit in a privileged position and tell everyone else to go fuck themselves but that’s what Mat Honan just did. In his rant about how his generation is “sick” of the “bullshit” of the Boomers and Millennials, he attempts to become the Spokesman for Generation X. The trouble is, Generation X is anti-spokesperson; so Read More →

At one point I was wondering if I'd have to remove the shelf from my desk to fit this thing in.

A long and infuriating process

Getting a new computer set up just as you want it is a long and infuriating process. Today I bought a new iMac, as I’ve been needing to replace my main office computer for quite some time now. The one I’ve created my comics on, written my stories on, and run my business on has for the past three years rumbled and whined whenever it Read More →