I don’t like to leave projects unfinished

Headaches that last a fortnight and are unaffected by the strongest medication in the house should be outlawed. I’m not talking “oh I took something but it barely made a dent in it” levels of ineffectiveness here either, this is full blown “no effect” territory. I’ve been playing Neverwinter in the evenings recently so when I realised there really wasn’t going to be a lessening Read More →

It was a wonderful turn-out and a wonderful afternoon.

Sounds like someone is drilling their way through a whale

Jennifer is playing music, it sounds like someone is drilling their way through a whale. I think it’s Kate Bush. Less than a minute later, a woman starts to sing in a wobbly high pitch voice. It’s Kate Bush. Marvel at my ability to identify music. The headaches are back, accompanied by their stalwart companions exhaustion, nausea and lack of balance. I keep getting pulled Read More →

More thefts and police visits

Yesterday, thieves stole from us again. This is getting to be so regular that I’m getting fed up of writing about it. We have building work going on at our house, so 1-ton bags of sand have been required. About half of a ton of sand is missing and yesterday we found who is doing it. He’s a local (because of course he is) and Read More →