The more vile abusive language has been blacked out, for obvious reasons.

Twitter Needs To Change – Right Now

Twitter has a problem with abusers. This should come as a surprise to nobody if you’ve either used Twitter for any length of time, or seen a news report on how a celebrity has been “forced off Twitter”. Aggressive people who are out to hurt others have flocked to Twitter and use it to wage an unending war against anyone they have decided they hate. Read More →

A leafy path in Greensbridge Gardens, Westhoughton

Getting to work in Westhoughton

So after taking the weekend to recover from the six month election campaign, I started my work as a Councillor for Westhoughton North and Chew Moor today by visiting Greensbridge Gardens to investigate reports of a problem with local drug dealers using the area to deal drugs. Greensbridge Gardens isn’t the kind of place you would immediately associate with a drug problem – the place Read More →

question two

Answering comments from bigots

So yesterday the Bolton News ran an attack piece against me in which the Labour Party said I was “foul and abusive” because I swore on Twitter when frustrated and upset with HMRC’s inexcusably bugged electronic company tax return form. Before we go any further, I would like to reiterate that I apologised for any offence caused by that outburst and I deleted the tweets very Read More →