I am not Zoë O’Connell

So today Charlie Mansell, Chair of the Labour Party in Sutton And Cheam (where Emily Brothers is standing at the 2015 General Election), decided he would pop in to cisplain (definition: a cisgender person talking down to a trans person while “explaining” their own lived experience to them) at me about yesterday’s blog post. In case you don’t have time to click the link, yesterday’s post is the Read More →

Emily Brothers is NOT the first openly trans Parliamentary Candidate

Having looked at the number of qualifiers that Pink News had to put onto their claim that Emily Brothers is the first openly trans Parliamentary candidate it should come as no surprise to find that the claim (now being touted by national newspapers) is false. Brothers is not the first by a long shot. That accolade belongs to Alexandra MacRae, a Scottish candidate for the SNP Read More →

In case you recently moved here from Mars, this is not the colour the river should be.

The day the river ran red

Today took a turn for the unexpected after Jennifer was stranded out all night thanks to delays on the motorway; which necessitated her taking a contractually-mandated day off work to catch up on sleep. Catch up she did but we also had some time to take a walk into town for some exercise; and also just so I had a chance to get out of the Read More →