Injuries mean conlanging

While walking home from an excellent morning and early afternoon’s campaigning in Westhoughton, I managed to sprain my knee on a loose paving slab. Consequently, I’ve been stuck at home resting it since then. I don’t like being stuck at home –  I prefer to be out there, doing things. It’s very annoying. Nevertheless, this weekend was a party weekend because we had friends and a Read More →

Practicing parkour in Freeway Park, Seattle, Washington. Photograph by Joe Mabel, used under GNU Free Documentation License.

Parkour and taking my fitness to the next stage

Over the last few years, I’ve ended up putting on a lot of  weight. It’s been years since I was my ideal body weight but thanks to my illness and the medication used to treat it, I’ve ended up 4 stone overweight. That’s so not good it’s verging on obese. I’m taking steps to remedy this problem. Last year I made it my new year’s Read More →

Jennifer and I after our civil partnership was converted to a marriage.


So today Jennifer and I were officially married. We had a civil partnership almost 6 years ago to the day but a civil partnership was the previous Labour government’s way of trying to fob off the gay community with a knock-off of the real thing. Today we signed the forms to convert our civil partnership and receive a proper marriage. As my mother put it, “you Read More →