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Let’s make 2016 a good one

It’s 2016 and I’d like to wish you all the best for a wonderful, prosperous New Year. 2015 was a difficult year, all things considered. It ended as it had gone on; with a lot of people facing chaos and hardship due to war, storms, floods and all kinds of other disasters. I am hopeful that we can learn from these problems and make sure we Read More →

My little Macbook and I have written so many things together over the years.

How did the resolutions go?

Back in December last year, I made a series of quite large resolutions. These weren’t things I could do in a day, they were going to be year-long projects and I knew when I made them that it was highly unlikely that I would be able to complete all of them. The appeal was the challenge of it all. So how did I do? Resolution Read More →

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How To Make A Film

My latest short film, How To Make A Film, was released last night. It’s a film noir style detective story, complete with dodgy gangster types and a femme fatale. I really, really enjoyed working on this one; it was so much fun. Because of the number of characters in this one and the limited time I had to get everything filmed, the script was quite Read More →