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Game Room Tour! (Over 1000 games!) – The Zog #193

Today is a special episode of the vlog where I give you a quick look around the office/studio/game room. The PS2 collection is now approaching 1000 titles on its own, so the collection currently stands at about 1200 games in total. Suffice to say I’m really happy with it. 😀

Improv Theatre! – The Zog #192

Jenny enjoys blowing off steam by being daft sometimes and today we decided to film some of her daftness as a new series of silly videos. 🙂 Also, I picked up some lovely new Wii games for my collection, plus an amazing PS2 classic!

Accidentally Blackpool – The Zog #191

Jen and I found ourselves in Blackpool in this episode, as you do, and then I found myself in an accident. The two are not related (or at least that’s what we are supposed to think).

Today’s music, via the YouTube Audio Library:
By The Pool by Jingle Punks