"Aglo" in the Aglo language, written in modern Aglo script.

Constructing a language in 30 days, day 11

We are over a third of the way into this challenge and now things are getting very interesting. Today I have mostly been working on irregular verbs and pronouns, as I promised yesterday and a few days ago, but I want to start by covering the glaring problem that no doubt anybody who has been paying more attention than me so far will already have Read More →

The Aglo abugida: large symbols are Classical Aglo while the smaller symbols are their modern equivalents.

Constructing a language in 30 days, day 10

I have missed several days worth of work on the challenge to construct Aglo, my second conlang, in just 30 days thanks to illness and work that had to take priority. Now I am back at work on the conglang and I still hope to make up for lost time so that the language will be finished within the 30 day deadline. To that end, Read More →

Connecting to a BBS via telnet. Yes, you can apparently still do this. :)

Illness Induces Nostalgia (again)

So I’ve been ill for the last few days, which is why work on the create a language in 30 days challenge had to stop. I picked up a bug from somewhere, possibly from when I was visiting family and attending King Con in Durham earlier in the week. Consequently I’ve done little more than sit around feeling ill since Friday, watching old episodes of Read More →