The Reshuffle

Let's judge her on what she does from here on out.
Let’s judge her on what she does from here on out.

A lot has already been said about the reshuffle, not all of it good. I have to admit I was wary at first about the appointment of Nicky Morgan as Minister for Women and Equalities given her voting record on gay rights. Then again, I had similar misgivings about Ruth Kelly when she was Equalities Minister under Labour (I was right to have them in that case, of course – never forget she took away trans protections in the “Equality” Act 2010).

However, as I said on Gaydio last month and as I’ll no doubt say many times in the future, I prefer to judge a person by what they do, rather than what they say or how they may have acted in the past. People change and sometimes people change drastically. I’m hoping Nicky Morgan will be one of those people. Let’s see how she fares now she’s responsible for implementing equalities as part of her job. I’m hoping she can rise to the challenge.

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