The office or the bed? It’s a tough call

It's a corner of a partly-soundproofed room where I also film, draw and play violin, but it's cozy and that's all I need to be able to write.
It’s a corner of a partly-soundproofed room where I also film, draw and play violin, but it’s cozy and that’s all I need to be able to write.

Even when sleeping four-to-five hours a night, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Maybe I’m just expecting to be able to do too much, or maybe it’s just that I have a tendency to overestimate what can be achieved in one day. Either way, I can’t help but get to the end of the evening and look back with disappointment that I didn’t quite achieve everything I had set out to achieve.

Four hours, five on occasion, seems to be the right amount of sleep for me. I was never great at sleeping as a child; I would spend a lot of the night reading old copies of The Dandy and The Beano by torchlight, because I was a massive stereotype as a kid. There was a box of old comics at the bottom of my bed and the trick was finding an issue I hadn’t read in a while, because you tend to know them all off by heart when you read several each night. I could usually find one or two that hadn’t been read in a while if I looked hard enough, but the trick was being able to sort through them without waking up Mum and Dad. That was easier said than done because, if I’m honest, I wasn’t the quietest of children.

Nowadays I tend to read on my phone if I can’t sleep; or just spend hours in my office writing. The office has the advantage of a large screen and a comfy chair, so I can get some good writing done on my books or the various other writing projects I’m involved in. Reading in bed has the advantage of being in bed: it’s warm, it’s cozy and if I feel myself drifting off, I can put the phone down and sleep. Sometimes deciding which is best is a tough call.

As far as writing projects are concerned, work on Curse of the Other World is still mostly on hold while I finish off the script for the web series we are filming later in the year. I’ve been speaking to Jade Stewart over at RGB Designs about filming the show, and she’s agreed. She’s my first choice for filming, so I’m glad she’s on board.

The script is progressing nicely. It’s reasonably fast-paced without feeling rushed and the characters are distinctive. I had an idea of the style I want from the show and I’m working to try to keep that clear in the dialogue; although some concessions have had to be made here and there just for pacing and basic storytelling reasons. Nevertheless, I like where the story is going and I think it will be a fun show for those who watch it.

Because of all the projects that are going on right now, there have been some knock-on effects. I’m not able to write five different comic stories per week for Ink Proof Cannon. This has meant the comic has stalled yet again. I really don’t want to see this project die but I don’t have the time to juggle so many different stories all at once. As a result, I’ve discussed the situation with Jennifer and we’ve come to the conclusion that running one story at a time is the best course of action.

The Bounty Bunny story Down on Jameson is the story with the most pages up on the site right now, so that’s the one I’m going to finish off first. Then I’ll finish the opening story of The Webcomicer before getting properly started on Sol Invictus. Out of all the stories we have planned for Ink Proof Cannon, Sol Invictus is definitely my favourite. If I didn’t get to finish the comic, I would have found a way to work it into a set of novels instead. There’s definitely room for a long-running series in that universe.

It’s going to take a lot of time to get the stories planned for Ink Proof Cannon out there, especially for Sol Invictus because I have about a decade’s worth of storylines set out in my story outlines, but I think it will be worth it.

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