Getting the cameras rolling again

The words 'Reading the weird' on a parchment background. The parchment is out of focus.
The 'Reading the Weird' logo

So today I’ve had an enjoyable day off, doing little more than watching a few episodes of Supernatural and also writing some of my forthcoming novel, Curse of the Other World. I have to say the story is coming together very nicely, although there is a long way to go on it yet.

I woke up with a bad back, and by bad I mean agonising. It still hurts now but earlier today I could hardly move. I hope it is back to normal tomorrow because I have videos to produce and comics to draw! Yes, that’s right – everything starts up again tomorrow.

As I now have far more time than I did before, and also far less writing work at the moment, I have decided that the best way to keep myself busy is to create more videos. I have been wanting to do something about weird fiction for a long time now and this seems to be the best time. The first episode of Reading the Weird is therefore going to launch tomorrow. RTW is a new show on the ZJKR channel that will see me reading short stories in the weird fiction genre, with occasional artwork and animation to break up the video so it’s not all just me sat there, reading a book at the camera.

Reading the Weird will be a departure from what I set the ZJKR channel up to be (namely blogs focussing on my life and the things that are going on in it). I think this new content will make the channel more interesting for people to watch, which can only be a good thing. I would be grateful to hear what you think about this change.

In addition, I’m going to try to get The April Kohl Show running again, although that will have to stay weekly for now, if I can schedule filming for it at all. I’m wary of taking on too much at once, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Anyway, I have to head off and get tomorrow’s comics sketched out so I know what I’m doing with them. I hope you enjoy them all coming back off hiatus. With a bit of luck, the wait has been worth it.

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