Orange swirls
'Orange swirls,' by me, via Flickr

It is amazing where ideas come from, and how quickly a plot can form if you only leave it to stew in the back of your mind while you get on with other things. Active consideration of plots and storylines is all well and good but passive consideration, where the parts of the brain you aren’t using for whatever you’re concentrating on are put to use on something else, is sometimes even more effective. Take today for example.

I have been putting together a project with my friend Jade Stewart over at Here Film This Productions for quite some time now. Way back in April last year (almost to the day, in fact) we started discussing a joint project for our two companies. The project is currently going under the working title of SlackerReality but this will very likely change before everything is ready for release. We are scheduled to begin filming in late summer but until now, the project was proving difficult to get going because there was no real plotline for it that stood up to scrutiny. We’ve had plots but they weren’t great.

Today I came up with one that everyone who’s seen it thinks is great. Not only that but it’s a plot that splits very nicely into three sections, so we can actually get three series worth of storyline out of this. That, to me, is amazing considering the whole thing came to me in an epiphany earlier today. I’ll keep you posted on how the actual scripts come together. Getting the overall ideas down will help with scripting but that doesn’t mean everything will be smooth sailing. I’m sure there will be hurdles still to overcome.

In other news, I spent an hour today studying what lawyers refer to as The Vandervell Saga. This is a particularly troublesome part of trusts law that I have had problems getting my head around in the past. I think I understand it now so it was time well spent but damn that’s an annoyingly cumbersome piece of case law.

Still, it should prove useful in the future so I can’t complain too much. Now it’s time to get back to revision!

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