Stop turning my computer into a box of junk!

I am consistently amazed at how brazen some companies are with their installation of “helpers” and other resource-hogging crap which loads on startup and sits there, hogging memory and processor cycles, even if I don’t want to use their products at that particular time.

Adobe are the worst I’ve come across for this because their stuff is so bloated but Apple come a very close second with iTunes insistence on installing not just an iTunes helper but also something for the iPod; a device I never plug to my Windows system.

The only reason I have iTunes installed on this system is because I use it as backup storage for the things I buy on my Macbook but don’t necessarily want to keep on there all the time. Things like TV shows and other videos; which use up space I would prefer to keep available for the large amount of video footage I record for the various shows I edit.

Is it too much to ask to have companies not¬†install resource-hogging utilities on my system? The effect is tantamount to malware, given that when the damn stuff manages to turn itself back on (I always disable it in msconfig so I can keep my computer working) the system slows so much I can’t even watch a 360p video on YouTube without the computer grinding to a halt.

Stop it now or I’ll stop using your software. How’s that for a deal?

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