I’m a night owl again

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One of the problems with being a night owl is that I spend a lot of time unable to talk to friends and family without the worry of waking them up. I therefore prefer to send messages via email, or Facebook. Still, despite the fact that it usually means it’s a family member getting in touch, the telephone annoys me when it rings.

I have come to the conclusion that this is because telephones are an inherently rude technology. If I send a message to someone via email or a social network, it is something they can read and respond to (if a response is even necessary) at their own leisure. Conversely, if I call someone on the telephone I am saying “stop what you are doing and speak to me right now!”. It requires immediate attention and in the modern world, that is not always possible.

Still, regardless of the amount of time and effort I put into trying to stay on a normal sleeping pattern, I always end up drifting back into night owl territory. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll manage to get by somehow.

Today I managed to do two things that are supposed to be mutually exclusive. I posted a new video on my Nobmouse YouTube channel and, at the same time, did not update my Nobmouse channel with today’s video. That’s because the video I updated was filmed yesterday and should have been updated then but Jenny and I got home too late. Furthermore, I am still putting together the information I need for today’s video, so I couldn’t update even if I wanted to!

Here is the video I did manage to upload, however. It’s different to my usual forays into law, news and politics because it is a day in the life of a truck driver. I think it’s rather interesting, however.

In other news, I’m back to being healthy, which is great news I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m working hard on getting my revision down pat so I will be ready for the exam on the 26th of April. So far, I’m feeling worried but I think I will be ready by the time the deadline arrives.

To that end, I have dropped the number of projects I am working on right down to the bare minimum. All over the house is still running but The Life of Nob T. Mouse is paused. Ink Proof Cannon will return after the exam but it will be in a modified form. Instead of running five stories at the same time, I will be running one story at a time; and switching between stories when the individual storylines are finished.

Unholy Crusade was published at the start of the month and has received excellent reviews. I’m really happy about this because it is a story that I have been working on for over a decade, on and off. Originally it was a script I planned to try to sell to 2000AD but when I decided to focus on The Life of Nob T. Mouse as a comic, I left it by the wayside. It then got turned into a novella several years ago and now it is in print.

The next story to get published will be The Curse of the Other World. As with Unholy Crusade, you will be able to read the first chapter here, for free, before deciding whether to buy the full novel or not. I hope you like what you see when the novel is finished.

At present, the novel is about 20% complete. I have the entire book planned out so I know exactly where it is going and I will get the rest of it written up after the exam. At present, we are looking at a June release date.

Finally, I have begun working on the backlog of podcasts sitting on my desktop. It has been quite a while since any of the podcasts I am part of have updated but now The Webcomics Company has a new episode online. It’s all about ways to improve your writing, art and general storytelling ability. I hope you like it.

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