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The new set for Series 2 of The April Kohl Show

I’m one of those people for whom the solitary lifestyle of the writer is a blessing. I enjoy my own company, and have issues with being forced to socialise with others for extended periods. It’s just how I am. That’s not to say that I can’t work with other people – work is a different matter altogether. Just don’t expect me to want to spend a week constantly in someone’s company while we laugh, joke, play video games or watch films. I’d get to day three and start chewing the furniture. Or worse.

Nevertheless, it’s really nice to see family every now and again. My aunt and cousin visited for the weekend, which was nice. It’s the first time my aunt has been to my house since I moved to Bolton in 2007 and I think she was suitably impressed. We’ve put a lot of effort into making the house look nice and feel like home, and it has paid off.

We talked, watched videos, played video games and went out for a short tour of Bolton. It was going to be a longer tour but a) there’s not much in the middle of Bolton to see that I’ve not already shown on one of my ZJKR videos, and b) we were pelted with hailstones so hard I thought I was going to have lacerations by the time I got home.

That minor setback aside, we had a really great time and it was wonderful to see them both.

On Saturday night, I started work building the set for the next series of The April Kohl Show, which has languished in obscurity for many months now. It is a chat show filmed in virtual reality, which has the advantage of me being able to interview people from around the world, in real time. While building the new set, I was approached by someone who works with one of the major virtual reality television stations. We got talking and one thing led to another, now I have an opportunity to get The April Kohl Show¬†onto one of their channels. There are a few things to sort out, like a proper intro sequence, some end credits and editing that doesn’t suck but I think I can do it. Hell, the editing was something I was going to try to get worked out for this series anyway.

I’m going to make a couple of intro sequences and then decide which I like the best. This is the first intro I’ve come up with:

In addition, I’m hoping to grab a few people while they are online and interview the hell out of them. Maybe then I can put together a few fun shows for my showreel. That would be very nice, if I do say so myself!

On a different note entirely, work continues apace on the rewriting of Unholy Crusade. The version you can find here on this very website is now totally out of date. The new and improved version is already being advertised on the All Mouse Media website as being released this month, so I suppose I’d best get to finishing it! This version is snappier, has far better writing and dialogue that is more finely-tuned. In other words, it’s a far superior product and if everything goes right, it will be available as a eBook by the end of the month.

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