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You know how I said my workload was back under control and I could enjoy a normal schedule once more? Remind me never to do thatĀ again.

Today I woke up late, having slept through my alarm. I then found that my graphics tablet problems (the ones that are usually intermittent and normally come down to having too little charge in the pen’s batteries) were there from the start. The comics are therefore delayed. I will start posting them again tomorrow, with a bit of luck.

In other news, I decided after getting my writing work done (sorry about the lack of blog posts though – those got put aside because I was dealing with the comics problems) and dealing with my law studies, that I would try to get a weekly chat show going. I will be using Second Life for this because I want to make use of its ability to connect me with people from all across the world in an interactive, visual manner that recording a Skype conversation cannot.

A potential title card for The April Kohl Show
A potential title card for the new show

The idea for this is to have my avatar, April Kohl, talk to people from all backgrounds who use, or can get access to, Second Life. I’m hoping to start by interviewing my lovely wife, Jennifer. As she is an author I’m sure she will have something interesting to say when interviewed (I haven’t told her about this yet so it will be a surprise when she reads it!) and she has done book readings in Second Life in the past so she knows a bit about it. I think she will make an excellent guest on the show.

There are other people I also want to interview and chat to for some shows but I can’t start naming them yet because I don’t know if they want to come on or not. I don’t want to be the kind of person who says “oh yeah, I’m going to get Suchnsuch on the show” when I haven’t even asked them yet. I would sound too much like I was pressuring them rather than inviting them.

Anyway, look out for that at some point. I don’t know when it will happen because it’s entirely down to when I can fit it into my schedule. In the mean time, here is a test video with an approximate launch date in it.

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