Writing and Podcasting

So a lot of today has been taken up by writing. I’m about 1/3 of the way through what I need to get done and I have plenty of time to get it all done in, so I’m not worried. If I was worried, would I be writing this blog post instead of getting on with work? Well yes, I probably would because procrastination has been a problem this week (hence why I’m working on the weekend instead of drawing comics) but that’s beside the point.

A broadcast quality microphone, in front of Arcadia, my desktop PC.
This is my podcasting microphone. I use it to cast pods across the Internet.

One thing I’ve been doing today that doesn’t involve writing is podcasting. I love to get together with a few like minded individuals to record our conversations as a way of making light entertainment for the world.

Today I was joined by Luke Healy, Luke Surl and Matt Dyson for The Webcomics Company podcast. Normally we would have James Spence on the line but he had to drop out this week and will be back next time we record. Matt took his place and did a very good job, so all is good.

As I said, I really enjoy these podcasts. They are a chance to talk about comics with other people who have shared in the triumphs and heartaches that come from making entertaining art. We’ve got a small but loyal following for the podcast and it seems to be growing each week, so that’s great too. I really love it when people appreciate the things I’m doing – it helps me to keep going for a start!

Speaking of keeping going, I am being somewhat thwarted right now by a bugbear of my own creation. As many of you will probably already know from past entries in this very journal, I neither drink nor smoke but I do have a sweet tooth. That sweet tooth has developed into what became worryingly close to a sugar addiction and as a result I have felt the need to go cold turkey on the sweeties that have been keeping me going when I write.

The results have not been a nice experience.

Even as I type, I am craving wine gums with something close to what I think a drug addict must feel when they go without a fix for a while. I say close because I remember what it was like to stop smoking and the craving now is not as strong as the craving for cigarettes was. I want sweets but I don’t feel like I need them, if you know what I mean? The urge to go out and buy sweets has been with me all day. It eats into everything I’m doing and it is slowing me down something rotten because I’m not just working, I’m also fighting myself.

I will have to work this feeling into one of my novels at some point. If I can get past today’s workload that is.

Speaking of workloads, I suppose I should get back to it. See you later!

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