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Zoe Kirk Robinson Profile Picture 2013Hi! I’m Zoë Robinson. You may have found your way here from my comics, my online videos, my books or any of the various other projects I’m involved in. Whatever the reason, welcome to my site. It’s the main hub for me and my work. You’re welcome to explore.

Good places to start are my portfolio, which shows off some of my cover design and artwork, the comics pages, and my video pages; which will give you access to both the latest videos and my hand-picked ‘best of’ playlists.

If you want to get in touch, I’m always happy to hear from you. I’m active on a wide range of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Feel free to drop me a line.

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Avril Lavigne’s video is racist but that doesn’t mean she is

I was going to make a post today about that awful, awful video Avril Lavigne released but I don’t really want to inflict it on anyone. Instead, I’ll leave that out and just say this: it’s definitely racist, for the same reason the Kia-Ora adverts from the 1980s are racist. It plays on stereotypes and it renders an entire culture down to aesthetics in order Read More →

Standing for election

So last night I signed the papers to stand for election to Bolton Council, representing the Conservative Party. I’m standing in Tonge with the Haulgh ward; which is the area I live in. It’s a lovely area and long-term readers may recall that I set up a neighbourhood watch scheme in my part of it last year, to cut down on crime and antisocial behaviour Read More →